What is Home and School?

Our Home and School Association is a critical resource of support for the students and faculty. From funding teacher grants, to planning enrichment opportunities, to funding and executing facilities improvements, to running fantastic social events, our home and school makes a tremendous impact on the Greenfield student’s educational and social experience.  

Every parent or guardian of a child enrolled at Greenfield, as well as all faculty and staff are AUTOMATICALLY members of the Home and School Association.  How you choose to support the organization is up to you: through volunteering, donations, identifying enrichment opportunities or donors, or participating in committees.

Our Mission is "working together to enrich our children’s education".  That means we are empowered and encouraged to provide all Greenfield students with the resources to create a rich and deep elementary and middle school education. To achieve this mission we have three basic strategies:

  1. Use parent-teacher collaboration to identify how we can work together to help our community of learners, provide more support and resources for parents, guardians, and teachers 
  2. Find ways for all Home and School Members to become involved
  3. Engage the larger community for support - volunteer, financial, and cultural resources 

I've got lots of ideas, and I'm sure you do too.  Please feel free to contact me with your ideas or to discuss how you're planning on supporting our Home and School Association. 

I'm counting on you, and so are all the Greenfield kids.


Lisa Criniti-Ciervo

Home and School President

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